Friday, November 5, 2010

Lifequest is our main sponsor. It is a phenomenal organization that brings wounded warriors back from Overseas to Colorado Springs. Here they help them mentally and physically recovery with proper physical therapy and training. Once an individual is able they encourage them to race in Adventure races to help their spirits and bring the fun back into physical activity. We are fortunate enough to be sponsored by Lifequest because CW who is the owner wants an elite team for the solders to train with.

Team Lifequest Coed PRO team consists of James Kovacs, Luke Jay, Will Kelsey and Danielle Kehoe.

The race started Friday Oct. 29th and has a maximum time limit of 28 hours. It is a 100 miles course located in Moab, Utah. There are several legs of the race including:

  • Kayaking ~ 15-25 milesFlatwater and Class I/II Rapids
  • Riverboarding ~ 2-3 milesFlatwater and Class II Rapids - Here you have a boggy board, life-vest, wetsuit, fins and pads/ helmet. Basically, you just kick yourself down the river on the boggy board and pray you make it through the rapids ok.... It is a BLAST!
  • Trekking ~ 20-30 milesSignificant elevation gain
  • Mountain Biking ~ 35-45 milesJeep/paved roads, slick rock/single track
  • Ropes350' Tyrolean Traverse, Rappel-  I heard the rappel is a 80' drop into a waterfall.
James is our Navigator / team captain and has done several adventure races before. He is flying in from Massachusetts to race with us even though he has never meet any of us before. His strength is the kayaking leg and orienteering.

Will Kelsey is a pro Xterra Athlete and is competing in Xterra World Championship this weekend in Hawaii and is flying back Thursday afternoon jumping in a car and driving straight to Moab to race a 100 miles the next morning starting at 8 am. I am sure Will and Luke will be two of the strongest bikers and runners in the Coed elite field in Moab.

Luke Jay is on the boarder of going pro any day now in Xterra.

I on the other-hand am not sure why I am on a team of such studs. I just started Mountain Biking last year and competed in Xterra last year and this year. I have been doing triathlons since I was seven. My strengths will be biking and running.

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